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a better Michigan.

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Michigan roads are crumbling, our criminal justice system is ineffective, and too many of us are having a hard time keeping food on the table due to many of the decisions made in Lansing.    

Positive change is coming to Michigan when Democrats take back the State House– and I plan to be part of that team.  Imagine a better Michigan where good-paying jobs exist.  Imagine a better Michigan where teachers are able to focus on teaching.  Imagine a better Michigan where we do away with our broken Truth In Sentencing Laws.

All of these things are possible if we work together and hold the line on things that are important to working families.  That’s why I want to be your next  State Representative for the people of Detroit, Highland Park, Ferndale, Hazel Park and Madison Heights.

District 8 is filled with opportunities, but for many of us, those opportunities are out of reach.  

Together, we’ll fix this!

Not everyone is college bound. For those that choose vocational programs, but have made a mistake in their past, they should still have the same opportunity and access.

I believe our district is the focal point of our region, and that our region is the focal point of our state.  

I believe this district can be the template for change in our region, and that it will become the focal point of our state. 

Let’s roll our sleeves up and get to work with the other government entities to fix our roads, bring more opportunity to everyone, and build a better Michigan starting now.

For the first time in a very long time, we have a great opportunity to pass some of the most positively impactful laws that will make it easier for Michiganders to put food on the table, find good paying jobs, and fix our crumbling infrastructure.  Democrats have an amazing opportunity to hold the Governor’s Mansion, the State Senate, and the State House, but we’ll need effective, experienced legislators to move the ball down the field, and I know I will be that person.


I’ve got the experience… writing draft legislation, drafting bill summaries, organizing, and lobbying around legislation in state capitols across the US, I’ll be ready on Day One to work with our constituents, unions, community organizations, and advocacy groups to move the meter on PROGRESS
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